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Benefits of Massage

Some of the benefits of massage are more obvious than others.  Common benefits described by those who enjoy massage are relaxation, stress relief, refreshing of muscles, and pain management.  There are other effects, physiological and psychological, that may go unnoticed, but may be experienced by massage clients nonetheless.

Some examples of physiological effects include:

  • increase of metabolism
  • healing
  • relaxation of muscles (e.g. relief of muscle cramps)
  • improves the detoxification functions of the lymphatic system (by improving lymph circulation)
  • improves circulation of blood
  • stimulation of the skin

Some examples of psychological effects include:

  • reduction of fatigue
  • reduction of tension and anxiety
  • promotes a sense of relaxation, renewed energy, and health

Reference:  Milady's Theory and Practice of Therapeutic Massage Third Edition, by Mark F. Beck, 1999  (available on Amazon)

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